Aiden, Editor

I am a Librarian.  After spending nearly 20 years in Florida,  in 2008 I returned to North Carolina.   I am  served in the U.S. Army. My interests include, Music, History, and Poetry. I am an Historical Reenactor in the Medieval, Colonial, Civil War, WWII, and Vietnam eras.    I have a wonderful girlfriend and seven cats.

Rosie (A.K.A. GlamTrashKitten)

My name’s Rosie (A.K.A. GlamTrashKitten) From the City that never sleeps, New York. I am not very good at these Bio things, but I’m going to give it the best I got…

I can be very simple, but also very complex, only those who personally know me will understand that.

I love interesting people, kind, good hearted, trust worthy and respecting, people that have some type of morality and depth, all great virtues that matter in a person. I don’t take kindly to those who hold no merit or gain personal satisfaction through their own cruelty to others. I treat others the way I’d like to be treated, I find that putting yourself in an opposing person’s position always turns out to work for the better, because with in that you learn to understand and relate to others you encounter. To gain valor, one’s mind does not have to work over time, but to think logically and knowledgeably for those strengths, it’s such an importance this day and age. But, yet people are lacking in all qualities. I am one to find myself never following the crowd, I march to the beat of my own drum, I’m not a conformist, brutally honest, but I am very considerate to a person’s feelings. I try to be an understanding person, I am always trying to learn something new, because there is no such thing as a “know it all” learning is almost endless when you think about it. Anyway, I guess I should move along before I end up writing a book…

I take interest in Music (it’s one of my passions), I love all types of Arts, Writing, Poetry, Painting, Sketching, Acting, Dance, Film, Photography, Artistic Models, Designing, Fashion. I am big on reading, always looking for something to keep me away from the real world and take me some place far from where I am, I like stories where the beginning is the end and the end is the beginning. I am an English style Equestrian and have been since my single digit ages, I always loved Horses, they always had a big role in my life, but I am an Animal lover and proud Vegan. I love to study world cultures, mostly Asian, French, German, British, Spanish and Indian, I adore history and learning about all things from the past. I love anything old or classic, like old Hollywood and the whole Starlet period, Museums, Silent Films, Antiques…. I adore the 80s and everything about it, I can keep going, but I wont… My Music taste varies through all genres, but I mostly love Old Goth Rock, Batcave, DeathRock and Punk (Horror/1977/Post/Goth/Indie), among that I also listen to, DarkWave, Ambient, J Rock (Japan), Psychobilly, Orchestral/instrumental/Classical music, 80′s New Wave, Classic Rock (60′s,70′s), 50′s “doo wop,” Big band, Swing, Old Ska, Jazz, Political Rock n’ Roll, Dark Trance, World Music in general, Electro Clash, Nu-Wave (guilty). I love anything music wise, I find myself to be more liberal with what I listen to and respect so many types of music, I keep my ears opened as I do my mind, as should many people do the same. In this case, do as I say AND as I do. Well, I think I’m done here and it was almost painless, I don’t think I did that bad of a job if I say so myself…..

Lu Cifer

Whereabouts unknown.

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