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Nave and Timothy of the great band Lestat were kind enough to interview with Midnight Calling Ezine!  Here is it: 

MC:  What was it like to reform the band after nearly a decade?

Nave – It’s been an absolutely amazing experience. From transforming our original music to finishing our newest release in the studio this week, every step has been extremely satisfying. We’ve travelled the country, re-released our original material for the digital age through downloads, written a new release and reached out to new and old fans alike. I couldn’t be more pleased or proud. We always felt that Lestat was never really finished, and it’s nice to be proven right.

Timothy - It was exciting! Evan and I were both on the same page about wanting to try to get it started again.

MC:   Back in the day,  I remember reading that Lestat was sort of a “reclusive” band. Was that an accurate statement accurate or just a perception?

Nave – A little of both. The first time around, there was no social media to speak of, so we were able to maintain an aura of mystique by staying out of the spotlight. We also did not perform all that often, so our obscurity was well founded. I feel that some of that has changed with Facebook, Myspace, etc., but we still maintain some level of the unknown.

Timothy – We only played out one time a year and really never promoted ourselves as much as other bands did at the time. So I guess we had a reclusive side.

MC: I’m, sure everyone is looking forward to your CD release show in Cleveland.  Are there any musical surprises on the album? How will fans be able to get your CD?

Nave – Firstly, our new release, entitled “Arisen”, will be available both through downloads and physical CD’s. The distribution is still being worked out, but our release date is set for April 14th at a big show featuring Lestat with Metropolis Records’ Ego Likeness. As for surprises, well…we’re re-redoing “Red Light” with the new lineup for this. There will also be a remix of our original “Midnight Toll” by Click Click’s Adrian Smith.

Timothy - The new lineup is a pleasant surprise!  We have a bit of a new sound with the new members , yet the same Lestat sound is woven through and has matured, so to speak. The CD will be for sale on our site as well as on line stores.

MC: Speaking of albums, one of my prize possessions is a cassette “Theatre of the Vampires”.   So it’s very cool that Lestat’s albums are all available as downloads.  Some people feel strongly that downloaded music does not have the same visceral impact as owning vinyl or a CD.  I see a place for both forms of media. What are your thoughts?

Nave – I couldn’t agree more. We’re currently looking into re-releasing “Theatre of the Vampires” and “Grave Desires” on physical media, so stay tuned.

Timothy – I personally like having a real CD, but have acquired downloads as well. To me, nothing beats holding your new CD in your hands that you put your heart and soul into.

MC:  Social media has assumed a huge role in the dissemination of music. I think it especially benefits underground musicians.  Has social media made things easier for you to promote Lestat now, as compared to when the band was originally formed?  Has it really revolutionized music, or is it just a different kind of effort?

Nave – It’s funny. It makes things MUCH easier to promote, but it also adds a ton of noise to the internet. There are so many bands out there that now have the perfect vehicle to promote. Sorting through all of the music out there can be pretty daunting. It’s definitely revolutionized things, but the ramifications haven’t truly been felt yet, I imagine.

MC:  I like how Lestat always managed to have a variety of music on each of your albums, for example, X-tacy and Pray for the Living on Grave Desires; and Baptism (one of my absolute favorite songs) and The Mourning on Vision of Sorrows.  As a writer and reader of Poetry, I appreciate this kind of crafting. How do you compose your songs, do you start out with a concrete framework, or does it sort of evolve?

Nave – Thanks for the kind words! We probably have the strangest writing style there could possibly be. It starts with the electronics. Keyboards, loops, etc. After we come up with the base for the song, we turn it over to Susan, who really makes the song come to life. Bass and drums follow suit, and then, and only then, can I write the lyrics. I need to be inspired by how the song makes me feel before I can even try to write anything.

Timothy - For me, I get inspired by the sampling that I do. Just hearing a line in a movie will make me pause the DVD, sample it and then head down to my studio to start a synth-line or drum beat or loop. I will get that down and add to it later or that week. Then, I send it off to Nave who puts his unique touches on it. He more or less makes it into a Lestat song by adding or arranging it in a different ways.  I have always loved our process! We work well together. It’s not always on purpose that we have a wide variety of styles in our work. It just happens. I think Nave has done some of his best work yet with the lyrics on “Arisen” I am simply blown away by his words and vision. You could say I am a fan of his lyrics!

MC:  Have your musical inspirations changed any over the years?  How would you describe the music of Lestat?

Nave – That’s always the toughest question for me. I’m not sure I can describe our music, because we pull from so many areas. Trip-hop, Goth, Industrial, Techno and even Metal. We’ve always used the Darkwave title to describe ourselves. My inspirations are still pretty solid. I draw from bands in all of the genres I just mentioned.

Timothy - I like the darker, scary side of music, movie soundtracks and things of that sort. I have always been a big fan of the Skinny Puppy side projects, and some of my favorite bands are Click Click and Clock DVA.

MC: Lestat recently performed in South Florida, where I lived for nearly two decades, and in April  you will be returning to Florida for The Age of Decay In Jacksonville.  It will be great to see Lestat perform!   Will you be heading to other shows after this?

Nave – Yes! We actually just got booked for the Anne Rice’s Vampire Lestat Fan Club Coven Ball in October this year. We couldn’t be more excited. We’re in the middle of booking more east coast cities this year, so check lestatmusic.com for more info.

MC:  Does it ever seem to you that the word “dark” is sometimes overused in connection with music?  

Nave – I’m numb to it anymore. I think a lot of adjectives are overused, honestly. But, they help to convey a large amount of information in very little space, so I understand the need.

Timothy - It’s a damn cool word!

MC:  What does the band prefer to eat when you are on the road?  Are there certain places you look for?  (Personally, I’m a Denny’s restaurant aficionado, since they are always open!)

Nave – Anything that won’t drag me down on stage, or make me regret eating there in the first place!

Timothy - Chinese for me! I am always talking food on the road! Though, we do hit the fast food a lot.

MC: Thanks for doing this interview!  Is there anything else you would like to add?

Nave – Thanks for reaching out to us! We’re all very glad to be back, and we hope that people grow to love the new release as much as we do. As always, our fans can keep in touch with us and get to our social media sites through lestatmusic.com.

Timothy - I am glad we decided to give this another go, and am very proud of “Arisen” and all of our efforts. Thanks for the chance to talk with you.

MC: The pleasure is mine!    Can’t wait to Lestat perform at The Age of Decay!




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