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The Knutz – Ghost Dance Party

by Edward, Filed under: Reviews

“Ghost Dance Party” is the full length debut from the Knuts, which formed in 2005 by  Brazilians Daniel (Guitar, Vocals) and Tiago Abud (Bass, Vocals), Airton Silva (Drums) and Cezare (Synths) .  Rooted firmly in Deathrock and Punk, “Ghost Dance Party” is clearly a Gothic band for today, yet is far from stereotypical.

The “Intro” is a little over a minute of strange ambient sounds, swirls of electronic layers, rat-like squeaks, and more.    “Ghost Dance Party” is sheer Deathrock joy in the vein of .45 Grave, which could be a virtual anthem for  Goth and Deathrock of the 21st century.

“Just be You” is a bit more post-punk, with a dark, yet fun, twist.  Fine guitar, with a very rousing chorus, and nice little electro twists.

“You Are the Wonder” is sort of Horror-punkish, but not quite as raucous.  I love the layered, spooky chorus, and the horror-film electro effects.

“Ice” is one of my favorites here.  This song has an edge that is addictive.   The chorus is fantastic, sort of punkish with synth loops that area very catchy and guitar that balances things quite well.

“Heaven Outside the Mirror”  is slower and more reflective, alternating with bursts of energy.   It has an indie kind of impact, that is rather charming.

Next, “Fishing Day” blows the dance-floor wide open with a punk flavor.

“Red Sound” has an electro intro that brings Devo to mind, then segues into a fast paced, but with Cure-ish guitar and vocals that are quite exuberant.  Keyboards have a rather carnival tone, that gallops the song along.

“The Hanging Man” reminds me somewhat of the Cure.  Slow, with funereal percussion and edgy feedback, the bass is simply ominous.    Then the song suddenly shifts into a higher gear, with shouted vocals that brim with frustration and anger.  There is a touch of grungy guitar and buzz in the background, then the song slides into a calmer, yet fervent vocal mode before grinding to halt.

“Where Are You Now” is a slow, poignant ballad.  Keyboards and measured percussion carry the song, with guitar being low-key but crucial.  The vocals are slightly layered, regretful and sincere.

“Bern Depois” is another  one of my favorites.  With an eerie sort of intro, it has a New Wave feel.  I can’t understand the lyrics, heh, but the guitar is visceral and  hard hitting.   A great song!

The Knutz  one of the new breed of bands with Gothic sensibilities, yet with all sorts of diverse elements that come together superbly.  “Ghost Dance Party” will satisfy your craving for Deathrock, then turn on the Goth Rock, and add a few twists that will keep the listener coming back for more.


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