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Awesome Grey

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MC: What is Awesome Grey up to these days? You’ve done quite a bit of touring lately, how did that go? What are some of the highlights? Do you think you will eventually tour the US?

AG: We now have new management and will try to play as many shows as possible in 2012 and the next year.   It´s not easy to find locations offering Punk Rock shows in Germany, because there are a lot of lesser quality bands! The highlight of our last tour  was definitely the show in Freiburg, Germany, with very cool bands and an awesome audience. We would love to tour the US, but we first would have to find a sponsor and enough locations to play our shows!   But that would be amazing!

MC: Where did the title of “Do You Have Friend’s” come from? Is there a story behind it? And what the story behind your name “Awesome Grey“?

AG: We think about people and their behavior quite often.  Why are they acting the way they do? Usually because of one reason: they want to get seen! But how do other people gauge this behavior, are you accepted in your community and social surroundings or are you alone?

→ Do You Have Friends?!
The history of our band name is similar! A lot of people are just yelling about their problems and don´t enjoy their life! So their day is almost dark, sad and boring – grey! But we think life should be the opposite!   Because life is just wonderful, so make the best out of your day, even if it´s grey!
→ Awesome Grey

MC:  How is the new album coming along? When do you anticipate it will be released?

AG: We haven’t written all he songs for the new album. So far, 2 or 3 still need to be finished.  The new songs are a little bit more coltish/playful but still have a big Punk Rock attitude. If we can finish song writing in the summer of 2012, we would like to release the album sometime in 2013.

MC: When I first heard Awesome Grey, one of the things I really liked was that even though you definitely have newer influences, they don’t obliterate the roots. How does your music develop?

AG: All of our members have been into Punk Rock music for a very long time. We all like to listen to a similar bands like Rise Against, Rancid or Blink 182 (early songs).We try to develop our music, because Punk Rock should not just be made out of 3 chords!  So experience helps, as well having as a straight Punk Rock basement!

MC:  Lately I think there has been something of a resurgence of that original Punk style we just mentioned, with more bands looking back to those roots and more fans looking for the music. Why do you think this is happening?

AG:  All newer songs are made “electronic“, a lot of remixes of old songs! There is no creativity, just fast money!  Much popular music today is mainly electronic music, but where is the music played live by musicians and not just by scratching turntables!? So we hope more people will find their way back to selfmade and handmade music!

MC:  Over the past ten years or so I have been to Punk shows where I was appalled to see Moshers who were deliberately attacking people who were not in the Pit, as well as other Moshers. They were targeting people who seemed unlikely to fight back. Back in the ’80s I remember that there was sense of camaraderie in the Pit, and people would help each other out,  not kick you when you were down or hit you from behind. Has this been happening in Europe, too? What do you think caused this change?

AG:  Yes, this definitely is happening in Europe too – unfortunately! We grew up with a sense of respect : if somebody fell, we helped him up to continue dancing together! Today it´s a strange kind of aggression that many people show in their everyday life and not just while they are dancing.

MC:  What do you think sets Punk apart from other kinds of music, particular the “popular” music today?

AG:  Punk Rock is a special kind of music, because of the type of dancing for example. Not a lot of people can cotton up to this style! For most of society, Punk Rock includes piercing, colorful hair and alcohol, so it´s hard for them to understand that there are „normal“ people listening to Punk Rock music too. Unfortunately some Punk Rock bands have gotten more and more commercial (Green Day, Blink 182…). 

MC:  Besides music, what are some of the interests of the band members of Awesome Grey?

AG: We like to hang our with our friends, play soccer, enjoy life or travel somewhere around the world!   Even if it sounds pathetic: carpe diem (= seize the day)!

MC:  One of the great myths of the club scene is that “you can’t dance” to music unless it is electronic with an overpowering beat, yet many bands such as you prove this to be wrong. Why do you think this myth persists? From the footage I’ve seen of your shows, fans of Awesome Grey have no trouble dancing at all!

AG:  It´s because of a lack of knowledge and no existing connection to the song itself. How can you dance to songs, you have no  feeling for? An overpowering beats just force you to get this “feeling“. Our fans feel our fun and good mood on the stage, so it is  quite easy for them to dance to our music.

MC:  Is there anything else you would like to add? Thanks so much for doing the interview!  And for such great music.  We look forward to your next album!

AG:  Thanks for the interview!  We will let you know, if there´s a new album going to be. Keep in touch and perhaps we see each other on day in the US!

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