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DJ Hex from Texas- Bringing on the Goth

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DJ Hex has been spinning Deathrock and Goth in the Houston   for over three years Currently living in the New Orleans area,   he has organized a tour of the East Coast with varied bands and venues.  Midnight Calling Ezine wanted to find out more, so I asked DJ Hex for an interview.  Here it is:

MC: How did you get involved in Dj’ing?

DJ HEX I first got involved with DJing when I started doing my New Death night in Houston back 2010, I had been doing fanzines and a small record label before hand but decided that Djing was a great vehicle for getting word out to the kids about the new crop of goth and deathrock acts plus giving people the opportunity go out and dance to great music was one of the best things of all.

MC: What are your musical foundations?

DJ HEX:   Hmm good question, well, despite what a lot of my detractors think, I actually have a very diverse musical pedigree, my dad raised me on cajun, honky tonk and outlaw country and delta blues and my mom raised me on everything from motown to zydeco to and early rock n roll , I got my more overt rock influences from my uncle who got me into early 80′s metal and some hardcore punk and that lead into my later of love street, anarcho and Oi! which in turn lead to post punk, goth, deathrock, coldwave etc.

MC: You’re on tour, so to speak. What are some of your upcoming events, and how can people find out more?

DJ HEX: Ah the tour, yes I start the tour on June 26th at the Shelter in Atlanta, GA and I will be spinning with the VJ Anthony Lamont, should prove interesting as seeing I’ve never toured before let alone on the East Coast, the next one after that is June 28th in Chesapeake, VA with Asylum XIII and Sapphire Rebellion at Roger’s Sports Pub, and then afterwards onward to Baltimore for a night being run by myself and DJ Wyntre Mysteria at the Sidebar Tavern called Burnt Offerings.

MC:  Are you still looking for venues? What are your requirements, and how can a venue contact you?    How far in advance are you looking to book?

DJ HEX: to answer that, yes I actually would love to still snag a Richmond and North Carolina date if possible, my requirements aren’t much, at least 100 bucks cash wise and I’m a laptop DJ who runs through a console so I’m low maintenance, as for how to contact me, you can contact me at ubermann223@yahoo.com for booking, Attn: DJ Hex booking, and booking me requires about at least a two weeks notice]

MC:   What genres are you spinning/promoting?  Do you stay within a clearly defined format, or do you sort of have a format that includes broadly related material?  (I know that ‘broadly related’ can mean many different things!)

DJ HEX: The main styles I’m promoting are goth rock and deathrock but I also do a lot of promo for darker styles of punk and post punk as well, on occasion I’ll drop some dark synth or early industrial but it’s not nearly as common, it really depends on the city I’m in and what the people respond to.

MC:  What are some of the challenges you have faced across the country?

DJ HEX Well some of the most routine challenges are just trying to ensure that a night turns out well enough that I can make my money back on travel expenses in addition to trying to get people to do what they say they’ll do and get the crowds to turn out, at times it really is like trying to herd a flock of cattle haha (twice as stubborn!)

MC:   Who are some of the bands you have had the most fun with?

DJ HEX: Hmm, well working with the Spiritual Bat from Italy was a great experience Dario and Rosie are some of the sweetest people I’ve ever met and their live set is fantastic, also Strap On Halo were very professional and friendly and considering they do so much to promote and preserve the goth and deathrock subcultures I have a lot of respect for them.

MC: Have you ever tun into any territorialism or cliquism that made it difficult to produce an event?  What advice you you give others in similar situations?

DJ HEX: Oh my god yes! when I first started spinning and doing shows in Houston I had to deal with the stereotypical scene crap and drama that was really, just a complete and utter waste of my time, New Orleans I’ve had similar problems with people who just can’t grow up and get along, sometimes asking people to be adults about things is truly asking a lot. My advice is just to keep it firmly business and remember that is about the music first and foremost, petty personal grievances and ego’s have absolutely NO place in a scene though they may keep creeping in.

MC:   Do you think the concept of “underground” has changed in the past few years or so?

DJ HEXYeah, the term underground in itself has been hijacked as nothing more than a pseudo edgy tag to sell shitty pop acts and street cred to people who never spent the time to actually get out there and talk to the kids and learn the music and flyer and promote etc; To me, to be underground is not so much as being in the position of not being well known or only known by the select few but to just quite simply be off the radar of the mainstream media and to have absolutely no relevance to the average, “jack off”

MC: Is there anything else you’d like to add?  Thanks for doing the interview!

DJ HEX: Yes! be on the look out for me when I come to town, I promise good times, good tunes and general mayhem, also remember to support your local goth, punk and deathrock scenes ceaselessly, it’s only through team effort and hard work that the music can survive and thrive!


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