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MissFD – Comfort for the Desolate

by Edward, Filed under: Reviews

MissFD’s  third studio album, “Comfort for the Desolate” delightfully  continues to move into different musical territory, while clearing building on her past works.

“Never Felt Better” is a masterful juxtaposition of dark Pop vocals and poignant, evocative piano.  Vocals, as usual, are superbly layered and fraught with all sorts of subtle nuances.

‘Wanting is Not Enough” changes the pace.  Some people might consider this to be a “dance” track because of the prominent beat.  But this would be a gross over-simplification. And frankly, I don’t even consider to be a “dance” track at all.  The beat is not overpowering and simply adds energy to the incredible vocals and the edgy electronics behind them.  It’s a pretty infectious track.

“Dissolve”  has wonderful robotic-type vocals, and futuristic electronic flourishes.  A bit of understated layering adds depth, and there is a dramatic foundation here that is filled with urgent tension, that manages to be introspective at the same time.    Shortly before the end of the song, the robotic effects fade and MissFD’s voice comes through in all its pure magnificence.

After an eerie, discordant intro, and low, sinister vocals, “Consciousness of Awe” picks up a steady “dance” beat, but this is low keyed and lends a vital emphasis to the song.  Vocals remind me of Siouxsie Sioux and Sinead O’Conner.  The rhythmic backing electronics are low and very effective.

“Lover of Fate” is also eminently danceable, fast paced and energetic.  Vocals are urgent and harmonious, lending a distinctly Pop flavor to the song.  Which is not a bad thing at all!  I would love to see this played in Goth clubs.  DJ’s, oh where art thou?

“Incomplete”  has a wonderfully dark intro, leading into edgy vocals that are slightly distorted. There is a sense of poignancy and introspection, heightened by fine  operatic vocal layers.   The backing arrangements are excellent, with ominous and brooding overtones.

“The Grand Version” is perhaps my favorite track.  This song is a sheer epic, from the plaintive, haunting arrangements to the stunning vocals that seem to be on the verge of soaring.   At about 1:43 there is an almost medieval quality to the layered vocals    The low, nearly Baroque backing arrangements are fabulous.

This is truly a fine album.   The production and arrangements are just phenomenal, and this is a critical thing I look for in an album.   I have always loved MissFD’s vocals, and it is always a pleasure to see her develop them more and more with each release.   “Comfort for the Desolate”  has a generally optimistic theme (at least to my Gothic sensibilities).   I am very happy to see  this,  as I know  this artist has had some trials and tribulations, and no one deserves success more.
I look forward to seeing her next release!

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