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Return to the Batcave Festival

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From our Batcave friends in Poland:

“Return To The Batcave”  celebrates its 5th successful year, and in honor of this anniversary, we decided to celebrate and expand the event into a mini-festival.

So that’s officially: Return To The Batcave Festival will take place on November, 30, 2013 in Wrocław (Poland)!

“Return To The Batcave” is the event which promotes crazy, spooky and twisted music known as post-punk, cold wave, deathrock, gothic-punk, gothabilly and other related weird and experimental music genres, as well as those with a lighter music touch and whose common denominator is the words “art” and “party”.

The Gothic-punk movement is amazing, both visually and musically, and very  eclectic: combining  the best and most fascinating music genres which have underground roots  in the late 70′s and 80′s.  As in previous years,  “Return To The Batcave” would like to move back in time to the beginning of the 80′s and bring back the exciting atmosphere of the legendary London  club Batcave.

Return To The Batcave Festival will feature the following bands:

Soror Dolorosa (FR)
Velvet Condom (FR)
The Proof (PL)
This Cold (PL)
Wieże Fabryk (PL)
Nacht Und Nebel (PL)
Augen X (PL)

After the concert, prepare for after-party until the pale dawn or you’re fallen, as you will. :)

Afterparty will be conducted by:
DJ Black Ossian ( (IT) (darkwave, post-punk, batcave, punk 70′, italian wave)
DJ Mss  (Return To The Batcave / (PL) (post-punk, deathrock, synth-punk)
DJane Novelty (Return To The Batcave / Ian Said Dance!) (PL) (post-punk, coldwave, 80 ‘)
DJ Woodraf (Return To The Batcave / (PL) (goth-punk, batcave, coldwave, 80 ‘)

Doors open: 18:00
Gigs Start: 18:30
Tickets Cost: 50PLN (12,5€)

Location: Klub Muzyczny Liverpool Club, ul.Świdnicka 37, Wrocław (Poland)

Main organizer: / Return To The Batcave (

Partners: – Dark Shop ( (
Chaorder Agency ( – Music Magazine ( ( (
Castle Party Productions ( ( ( ( ( (
Wrocławska Sekcja Alternatywna (

Do you have any questions?   Please email us at :

See You!

Stay Zombiefied!

More info:

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