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2Steel Girls – Red White and Blue Girls

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2Steel Girls is the mother/daughter Allison and Krystal Steel, who appeared on NBC’s The Voice, impressing Blake Shelton so much that he became their coach.  (Aaron Steel is the band’s lead guitarist and co-writer.)  They have made many TV appearances, including  The Today Show, and are official ambassadors for  Realtree camo. They were also Nashville Universe Artists of the Year & Song of the Year in 2015.  After a successful kickstarter campaign in 2014, their  debut CD “Red White & Blue Girls.” was released in 2016. Recorded in Nashville and produced by Trey Bruce, Red White and Blue Girls is a very effective synthesis of old and new Country.

2Steel Girls came to my attention on Facebook, and honestly I cannot remember exactly when I first saw them.  I have been following them for quite some time. There were three things that immediately impressed me about 2Steel Girls.  First, their music is excellent. Second, they are very responsive to all their fans.  This is pretty unusual in an age where social media seems to turn otherwise friendly  musicians into raging egotists that would put Henry VIII to shame. Third, they are  trying to put their music out the hard way:  by reaching out to their fans.  Unlike some bands I have encountered in certain “indie” scenes, 2Steel Girls don’t wear their “do-it-yourself” efforts like a mantle of martyrdom or some cloak of musical purity.  It’s all about sharing their music. 2Steelgirls have been reviewed by people and publications a lot greater than mine. Honestly I can add very little to further their goal.  But most of those reviews are about the story, not about the music. The story is important, to be sure, but sometimes reviewers tend to shove the music into the background.  So I decided to review this album.  With their indigogo campaign going into it’s final weeks, I thought it would be good to provide readers here with an in depth look at 2Steel Girls and their music.

The title track, Red White and Blue Girls is Country Pop at its finest. Harmonies are strong, and the fine vocals will reel the listener in like flipping a 10 pound bass on a summer day. The chorus is criminally infectious, and the  percussion is steady and not overpowering, but just enough to fill in the spaces. The guitar emerges from the background at all the right moments. then spirals masterfully around the vocals up to the end.

Mad Black Magic shifts the gears and roars into hard Country Rock territory with the hammer down. Twangy guitar leads off, before cutting through the sharp percussion like an electric saw.  The vocals are filled with energy with  a solid Shania-Twain-meets-Joan-Jett kind of punch,  and the chorus is addictive. “I’m feeling hotter than a stolen car with Vegas plates.” I love the little  “Addicted to Love”  style flourish.  The guitar has  shades of ZZ Top and Stevie Ray Vaugh, but does it seamlessly. There is a also a little bit of chop here that really adds some energy.  Mad Black Magic is high octane all the way around.

The Devil Leads drops back into a pure Country sound. This is my favorite song on the album, because it truly showcases Allison’s and Crystal’s vocals. Poignant and wistful, their voices are filled with a profound sense of loss. The harmonies are masterful, and remind me a bit of Emmylou Harris. The backing arrangements are perfect  From the distant,western” style guitar to the plaintive fiddle and the understated percussion, they form the perfect counterpoint to this utterly compelling song.  “When you’re dancing with the Devil/the Devil leads….”

Cheap Motel veers back into Country Pop, on a roller coaster ride that is both fervent and dangerous. The mesmerizing vocals are  little bit Bluesy and a little bit Soulful, overlaid with Pop sensibility and a brash, kick-ass Country attitude. The second half of the song is fast and furious. Raging percussion accompanies hard, nearly metal guitar,which is expertly tempered with a Neil Young sort of dark edginess. There is an gripping anthem-like quality to Cheap Motel that is best experienced when you play it loud“I’m never gonna let you come around baby/and if you do then you’re gonna see crazy…” 

The final song, Red White and Blue Girls (Dirty Rice Remix) is the perfect finish to the album. It all comes full circle, leaving the listeners yearning for more. “Gonna pour a little sunshine in your cup/nobody does a good time quite like us.” That’s for sure, and no one does music quite like 2Steel Girls!  They hold their own with anyone in Country music, and its only going to get better.  Check out some o these songs on their website.  You can buy the album on Amazon:


2Steel Girls are trying to fund their next full length album with an indiegogo campaign. Please help them out so they can take their talent to new heights. You can contribute at


See what all the fuss is about.  Check out more 2Steel Girls and their videos at



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